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Microsoft: we won't do a tablet OS until its distinctive

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    FYI, if you look at what Microsoft people have been saying about the consumerization of IT, they've actually been talking it up and encouraging it, for the reason that they may be arguably less consumer-friendly than Apple or (maybe) Google, but they're apparently still more consumer-friendly than the likes of IBM, Oracle or SAP, whose business they'd like to disrupt.

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    @Blue Ink:I use OneNote a lot and I don't think it does the recognition in real time, and it definitely doesn't convert it until you ask it to.

    For my every day usage, I primarily use the stylus for note taking and drawing. For most everything else I use the onscreen keyboard. Even the onscreen keyboard isn't an ideal solution because muscle memory is of limited use.

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    I believe Lenovo is set to release a Oaktrail based IdeaPad Slate with active digitzer for less than $600.  It runs cool, no fans and gets about 5 hours runtime.  So I think finally we will have something that is workable and within reach of consumers.  Prior to this, sure there were budget netvertibles.  However, I've seen appetizers served with skewers more substantial than the stylus included those past attempts.  So I'm really excited about this Lenovo offering. 

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    I heard a rumor saying Win8 tablet will come out earlier than Win8 PC. Maybe possible because those doesn't need a million drivers tested and pre-installed. Anyway, it gotta have a build-in app store to explore touch friendly apps, and other stuff that support accelerameter and etc. Some people want the choice to have build-in app store because they don't want to go out and find a shaddy app store which offers trojen infested software. They want that as a choice.

    Leaving WM on 5/2018 if no apps, no dedicated billboards where I drive, no Store name.
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    , Blue Ink wrote

    Yes, we already discussed all that, when the Courier was still around, and no, I haven't given up hope.

    Yes, the Courier. Defeat snatched from the jaws of victory. But the problem is the same as always: the solution needs to run full-Office so MS can take as much of their market with them, rather than trying to compete with something new.


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