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    EDIT: Just tried IE10 on these links, and they don't all work well, so please try them with another browser.

    Brandon Eich (of JS (in)fame), had a talk about the state of JS, couldn't find the video yet, but fortunately the sildes can be found here. CAREFULL: The slides are 2D, not only 1D, meaning on some slides you can press down and up arrows in addition to the normal left arrow. Isn't the web great for presentations??

    Funny how Eich pokes fun on his own creation at the beginning (the WAT slide and movie).

    This sparked a lively debate on hacker news (a great site which I've only recently found about). Mainly it's about Eich dissing Google's native client, which I like a lot save for the fact that it's x86 only Sad.


    Another link is an interview with Yakob Fain, ex Java developer/writer doing all JS these days, sounds very familiar.


    Here's a port of iPad's game of the year to the web, done with the help of Microsoft, no less Smiley [another take]


    You heard about the new documentation site that got Microsoft, Google, Mozilla and Opera and the rest of the gang collaborating? Here's Microsoft's take.


    In short these are exciting times, and some of you are missing it to the tune of JavaScript being a pig Wink