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Missing Vista Basic Install Media

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    many moons ago, i bought an acer laptop that came with vista basic with the intention of wiping it and installing my system builder xp. i did so and all was well.

    i just bought a new laptop that came with win 7, but i'd like to restore the old laptop and donate it, but i was a moron and didn't create a restore disk. i think the original hard-drive might have come with a restore partition but it has since been wiped clean.

    i have a valid serial number for vista basic on the bottom of the laptop but i can't find any install media to use. does anyone have a work around? seems silly i can't get to an installer iso for a product i own.

    i'd rather not pay for replacement media from acer. i would love to be able to just download an iso and install from that.

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    @itsnotabug: How much is Acer charging? In my experience, replacement media can be had for as little as postage costs.

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    I'll admit that for a moment, I have to pause and ponder why Acer should delivery disc for Visual Basic... Tongue Out

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