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Modern Jago

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    Spent the day at 'Modern Jago' yesterday attending a design oriented event (no snickering please).  Not sure if these kinds of spaces are global or just specific to London.  My take on it is as 'a space for nurturing and promoting creativity around Microsoft technologies'.

    Had a great day and recommended if you can do the trek into the East end of London

    Anyone else have access to a Modern Jago type space local to them?


    (write up here)

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    We used to call them dorm rooms when I was in college...

    I'm guessing 'Modern Jago' is an interior decoratory trend where mismatched loud patterns are strewn atop each other... wait... this just in...

    There appear to be wine sipping women drawing hearts on a whiteboard. This goes past dorm rooms...

    wine sipping dorm room wench

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