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    doubling down...

    i keep reading about "new windows 8 UI" or whatever...

    that HAS to go (ridiculous)

    add to that al lthe other branding kaffufles... .net being one

    New Start is what it is... less scarry - plus you can market it:  better, bigger, funner, cooler. (or whatever)


    I remember win95 Start launch fondly - maybe many others do....Generic Forum Image

    The start button was on every billboard in toronto

    ..but guess what it says
    - all alone - big - top left in "metro"

    .... Start!

    Dont name a peach a pear.

    Plus if your worried New Start - sounds like you were f*** for last 5 yrs... and now everythings gonna be ok... well... isnt it? wasnt it?

    What will probably win (ha) is just calling it all windows.

    which is fine...

    good marketing perhaps for above

    (thats how i explain it... the start menu is full screen - and it looks nice. thats it. click something = windows )


    it makes even more sence when you think vista and win7 had NO START

    *a tooltip flyout that says start - on hover - does not equal START Wink


    START is back!!! rock on!  lol



    EDIT - imagine if - where ever possible you could have 2 billboards side by side - youd buy them - and  then run both side by side - the old original start ad - and a new one