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    ad for windows 8 -  "UnCool"

    scene 1

    bunch of old trends / people in a room... room is sterile...bland... badly lit...
    - Door opens - some cool celebity - picks someone to come in - to "your cool again" room.

    ^ 5 piece rollingstones rip off band walks through door - "you dont know your beautiful!" .. ish

    - door closes

    - camera pans around room

    - shot goes by gates and ballmer

    - door opens

    - you two... in

    They go inside IceTea is behind big mixing board with computer

    "From what i hear - you guys now got the hottest stuff comin down to the street - and we want a piece

    (cut to snoop dog rastaman - floating off camera left - grinning

    IceT: my man snoop says you got the real deal. fast..nice to look at... productive...

    (bill and steve look to each other - look back and nod)

    OK... well ... its hard to say this... but your COOL again

    - cut to snoop nodding eyes closed grinning in cloud of smoke


    ICETEA: ok now get out of here before someone sees you  - its still 3 months to release...

    * bill/steve quickly shuttled out by big bouncers


    (bill looks to steve in alley)

    Closing tag

    Windows 8

    BG:  Can i go back to fighting diseases now?

    SB: ya sure. and thanks

    (both walk separate directions)

    end of Hey bulldog  / beatles plays to fade



    EDIT / Optional:

    somewhere in above sequence camera goes to Slash from guns and roses.

    There is a pause.


    Ice tea says - why are you here?

    Slash: well you guys were here and usually we all get hired to do this type of sh

    Icetea - ok ok - take the camera off slash mother....quick cut back to ad




    * you know... -  laurel and hardy comedy team of:


    *it could even use the music (cool again)..



    by an Elk