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View Thread: Modern bug tracking with automation in FaultTrack.
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    Hey niners,
    First I want to apologize if posting about new software is against the rules. I actually couldn't find the forum rules on the website, and I'm really excited about this project, so I wanted to share it with other developers and the like!

    FaultTrack on Kickstarter.
    Includes in-depth information and a video.

    Basically, I have been working on this project for almost two years now. I was inspired because I'm really passionate about software development, and I enjoy writing tools that make developers more productive. I've written other small tools that friends have used and really liked, but for this I took on something big.

    I know most people just say "Ugh, another bug tracker", but I really want to provide something that just shines. The user experience and interface design for example, I've made look just like Visual Studio, but I've also used some Metro UI design principles for some of the interfaces. I think it turned out wonderful. I think most bug trackers today (but not all), have really bad user interfaces.

    I also thought to myself... why can't we automate the process of capturing Exception information into a bug tracker, while debugging a project? Visual Studio already does this, so FaultTrack will to. Now that's a very high level explanation of it, but I think it could really be a great tool for developers.

    Anyway, check out the link, the video and the project. I hope you guys really like it, because I'm very excited to work on it this year since its almost done.