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    Blue Ink

    , wastingtimewithforums wrote

    If all this fuss is really just about a tablet, then Microsoft's infamous marketing department has truly outdone itself.

    What's exciting and big about yet another Windows 8 tablet?

    Haven't Acer, Dell, Lenovo etc. already promised Win 8 tablets? And of course, everyone was expecting a Nokia Windows 8 tablet as well.

    Some speculate that this one will bear the Microsoft brand, which would make it pretty special.

    It would give them free rein wrt software installed, they could establish a "reference design" for all W8 tablets to come, they could subsidize it all they want. And since they wouldn't have to pay for the OS, they would level the field with the competition while screwing the OEMs big time.

    That's the reason why a MS tablet would be exciting...