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    I'm not convinced this will be a major player in the market, or that it will cause problems with OEMs.

    MS makes nice keyboards & mice, but they don't exactly dominate the market or discourage OEMs from competing with them.

    I see this as more MS showing OEM's what they need to do in chasing the Tablet market with Win8 - and the response they may get if they are prepared to make the commitment to more than just 'good enough' engineering.

    MS pushed the tablet idea years ago, but could never get OEMs to commit to anything really useful or groundbreaking in hardware... it was always just minimal modification to existing designs, pen-only interface, and everyone lost interest in it.

    MS can't risk that happening this time around - this is pretty much their last roll of the dice in this market, so they need to put a bomb under the OEMs and get them to be serious about it. Either make something better than this benchmark, or lose your tablet sales to it.

    I'll bet that Acer, Asus and Samsung respond pretty quickly with something better.

    I'm also guessing that Apple will soon roll out something to try and top it (or roll out a bunch of patent claims if they can't) now that they've seen this.