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    We've already seen the future devices from most OEMs, and for the most part it's "meh". Just look what was shown at Computex. The only interesting devices weren't interesting as in "I want that" but as in "what a strange idea" ( There are a few devices that would be worth owning, and were what I figured I'd get before the Surface came along, but there was nothing that was truly differentiated and would compete strongly against the iPad. The Surface Pro trumps every last device we've seen from OEMs todate, and it's a little late now for them to catch up. I mean, heck, Microsoft spent significant time just ensuring the sound produced when you close the kick stand would "sound like closing the door on your sports car". If the OEMs haven't been working on something for the past year, at least, they won't be able to answer this device any time soon.

    On the price discussion, it's been reported that Digitimes (rumor house, so weigh info accordingly) claims Pegatron Technology is the ODM. Based on this they say the minimum prices are $599 and $799. The $799 figure hits the sweet spot, but that $599 price sounds high. The Surface RT needs to be priced comparable to the iPad. "At $599 that would price the RT tablet at the equivalent price to the 32 GB iPad with WIFI only, making the price not as expensive as it appears." True, but consumers are going to expect it (or some third option) to be priced comparable to the entry level iPad.