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    I liked the talk about the design points and details but the aspect ratio, while it might be ok for a consumer product, it's questionable for the professional version. What kind of professional would use a mobile device with a key element like display designed movie watching in mind? Sure it runs "legacy apps" but how many of those were designed for wide AR? and even if they were, the actual screen area as opposed to the frame seemed like it was too small and huge black borders (maybe solved with OLED backlight if not a proper OLED display).

    With the "pro" version, I think it was unattractively bulky as well, not really in a tablet category of thinness.

    And since the other version doesn't have Intel, there's not need to talk about that unless its being sold at something like $299 tops. It's a v1 product and consumers either assume all windows apps work or assume there's nothing available compared to Ipad.

    I think people (looking for the pro version) know to wait for a v3 or atleast v2 with the biggest points addressed.


    Last, what kind is the power/charging interface and battery life. I've read that the most commonly failing part in PC (OEM) laptops is the charger connector.