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View Thread: Monopoly Microsoft was more customer friendly than today's "friendly" Microsoft
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    , wastingtime​withforums wrote

    It's funny. Now that MS got some serious competition, what do they do? Raise prices! Across the board: Servers, Office, consumer hardware - Windows Notebooks are now more expensive than they were a year ago (mostly due the mandatory touch hardware because of W8).
    FUD and lies, mostly. Poor trolling.
    Servers: I don't agree with pricing varying based on cores/cpus in general, but in the server space that's just the way pricing works. Microsoft is not the only company to charge per core instead of per cpu. Does this mean an increase in price? Yes. Does it really matter all that much? Probably not.
    Office: Overall the "rental" model will be more expensive in some scenarios, and less expensive in others. Regardless, the benefits to the "rental" model that may appeal to some, regardless of whether or not it costs them more. However, this argument is pretty much a lie in any event, because the "rental" model isn't you're only option, and the price of Office hasn't gone up.
    Consumer hardware: The only hardware that Microsoft has control over is their own, and their prices haven't gone up. OEM prices haven't really gone up either. You claim they have due to touch hardware... but that's disingenuous. There are as many devices available without touch today as there were previously, and the prices of those devices have not gone up. Expecting to get one of the devices that does include this hardware at the same price as hardware that doesn't is more than unreasonable, it borders on being an indication of a mental defect.
    I see no indication in any of this that Microsoft is less consumer friendly.