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View Thread: Monopoly Microsoft was more customer friendly than today's "friendly" Microsoft
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    , wastingtime​withforums wrote

    Anyway, I sure as hell won't ever rent Office. Libre Office is, unfortunately, still a pile of freetard dung, but I would rather use that than signing up for Microsoft's extortion scheme. They are not luring by increasing value, but by making the traditional Office licensing a hassle - non transferable licensing (with the retail version! If your motherboard gets damaged, you need to pay the full price for Office again), one PC only licensing (Office 2010 and prior allowed one install on the desktop PC, and one install on your laptop. That's gone with Office 2013), massive price hike (Home and Student 2010 was installable on 3 PCs for 125$, you need to pay three times as much with 2013).
    Over the years, I have always rushed out to get the latest and greatest of everything.  But that's becoming impossible.  More and more I'm finding that each new version of a program is worse than the previous. That's why I still use Office 2003.
    • It works well
    • It does what I need - I used Office 2010 briefly and it provided me with no additional benefit.
    • When I scrap my old computer and buy a new one I can easily install it on the new computer with no hassles
    • Saves me money -- If the Windows 365 pricing scheme had been in place back then I would have paid $1000 so far
    • Support?  What support?  I've been using Microsoft products since DOS 3.0 and have never a need for "support".
    • And best of all, it doesn't have the ridiculous UI that was introduced with Office 2007 and as far as I am concerned, rendered it unusable.