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View Thread: Monopoly Microsoft was more customer friendly than today's "friendly" Microsoft
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    , Bass wrote

    Genius indeed, since the law of large numbers states they will collect much more licensing fees.

    Somehow I doubt that. The MS activation hotline is usually less strict than what the license agreements actually dictate. My guess is that the hotline will overlook the issue and activate it regardless. Or else they will be drowning in *-storm.

    But if they really insist on this BS, then piracy will go up sky high or Office will be replaced, at least on the customer side. Most private customers don't have complex-documents.

    The licensing is more strict than most of those custom-business software packages. It's way worse than a dongle. They have really smoked a strong one here.

    And as I said, I am really astounded that they are at their most evil towards their customers when they are most besieged by competitors. Really strange. I don't think they teach that one in business schools.