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View Thread: Monopoly Microsoft was more customer friendly than today's "friendly" Microsoft
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    , DeathBy​VisualStudio wrote


    Yeah a bit OTT but he has some valid points. I suspect your company isn't alone on this round of upgrades.

    I haven't been in this industry for centuries, like some, but I've at least been around since Windows 3.x. Since then, with every release there's been a pretty big chunk of businesses who say that they're going to sit out this release. They all have reasons, sometimes they just don't want or need to, sometimes they blame Microsoft, sometimes they blame the software that they need to run. The story is always the same. What's also the same is this need to justify the decision. What's new in the last few years is the increasing tendency towards histrionic displays.

    Maybe it's just that the internet is allowing people to scream their opinions that much louder in the hope that they can make themselves feel better by knowing others have the same views.