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View Thread: Monopoly Microsoft was more customer friendly than today's "friendly" Microsoft
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    , evildictait​or wrote


    This isn't about deprecating Office in favour of Office 365. It's about deprecating shrinked wrapped CD installs in favour of OEM and MSDN web installs.

    And thus all the toughing up is needed? If it's no ploy for Office 365, then why the toughing it up?

    Downloading the Office installer from a website instead of getting a DVD automatically leads to non-transferable licenses, one-device only licensing and the loss of the family pack?

    in favour of OEM [...] installs

    So, the ideal future is Office 365 or bust? Basically, you either ONLY get it through the OEM pre-installed with a new PC or you MUST sign-up for Office 365?

    Sure, not exactly your words, but that's the conclusion.