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    @JeremyJ:are you serious? its buggy and unreliable? 

    first, its a open source free OS as compared to Microsoft WP7 closed(including iOS)

    next, give little thumbs up for a non-OS developement company to make something that i have not seen from Microsoft since i started using Windows.

    Tell me how many years MS Windows Mobile has been in the market and how much innovation have come out as compared to Android or iOS from 2007 to 2011 how much changes in terms of UI and features.

    i have been using Windows since 3.1 and until today Windows 7 i dont see any major UI changes.

    I like Windows but Microsoft has to keep up with technology.

    if Windows Live were to be on every platform just like Google(mail/maps/voice/talk) and contact syncing i dont think i would have switched. if Windows Live - mail/maps/bing/mesh/photos/skydrive and include contact syncing were to be added to android/iOS/Blackberry/Nokia platform then i think Google will have tough time catching up but MS is bent on using those services only on Windows so who's the loser here...

    so until MS thinks outside the box(Windows) it is never going to be a successful company in the mobile space.