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    , cbae wrote

    @brian.shapiro: He actually never touched the mouse except to speak into it like a microphone. As for the keyboard, it's not like he didn't recognize it initially. He just thought he didn't need to use it. My car door has a keyhole and I know it's there, but it's never been used before.

    What's more annoying is that we're led to believe that you can do anything useful on a Mac. Smiley

    Yea, I just think it was a bit unrealistic that he wouldn't kind of intuitively get what the mouse was, since I'm sure they still had some sort of touch movements on the Enterprise computer, and as an engineer he should have known enough about computing history to at least suspect that there wasn't good enough AI then to be able to do a complex voice request. The fact that he knew how to use all the Mac apps just made that sillier.