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Multiple monitor Windows 8 issues

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    One of the things that needs a lot of work, imo, on Windows 8 is the multi-monitor support.  For instance, the way the Start Screen only comes up on the same monitor as an already running Modern UI app. 

    Just a few minutes ago, I have the desktop and Xbox music docked on one monitor, and desktop IE opened with YouTube fullscreen.  If you move the mouse from the full screen YouTube to the other monitor it flickers and shows YouTube fullscreen on both ... it's pretty messed up.

    Anyone notice that with other sites, or is it a Windows 8 issue altogether?


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    Just tried to repro and I didn't get that effect. Maybe a video driver?

    I know my 12 year old can't play some games because they use OpenGL and there aren't any proper Intel drivers for OpenGL on Windows 8. So maybe we're back to the days of Vista, where video card vendors are scrambling to get drivers. But then he was smart enough to hack some settings to make the OpenGL games like Minecraft work enough to it's playable, albeit not full screen.

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    @Richard.Hein:I'm using 4 monitors and I haven't experienced any problems like you describe.

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    Thanks guys ... interesting ... I will check if there's a video driver update.

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    I can repo on youtube flash on left monitor and music metro on right monitor. Youtube fullscreen makes both monitors youtube. I remember the flickering, but, since I am currently busy download planetside2, I didn't fully test this again. But, two monitors become youtube is confirmed.

    No problem with C9 SL fullscreen.

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    I you want some fun & games, try using RDP on your Right-Hand monitor, to mange a remote system that is running the so-called 'Modern' UI.

    Finding the 'start-button' hotspot is like playing space-invaders.

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    I have been testing this with various configurations of 2 monitors only with my 4 monitor system, but everything still works fine on my system.

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