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My First Computer

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  • Ian2

    Not sure if we have done this before but i found a nice pic:


    More here:

    I still have the 16k RAM pack but gave the ZX81 away a few years ago to a colleague who was mourning the loss of his own.

  • Dr Herbie

    Generic Forum Image


    Can you tell we were middle class?

    I always wondered about the perforated square patch to the left of the keyboard ...


    We spend far too much time playing this instead of learning about computers:

    Generic Forum Image



  • Bas

    First one I recall playing with:


    Generic Forum Image

    Which is basically an Amstrad CPC but for some reason it's called Schneider.

    First one that was actually mine:

    Generic Forum Image

    I love crazy hybrids.

  • CaRDiaK

    My first Smiley 

    Atari 800 XL

    It had tape and cartridge, I can't remember what the keys down the right hand side did. But it did come with a book of code you could bash in to create simple games. The only problem I remember was if you made just a single mistake, you had to type it all out again... That said, I was about 6 years old so my memory is somewhat fuzzy.

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  • Sven Groot

    Not actually mine, but the first computer we had in the house:

    Generic Forum Image

    Not sure it it's the exact same model, but it was an MSX2 and I'm sure we had arrow keys like that. We also had the cartridge slot but I can't recall ever using it for anything (all the software and games we had were on 3.5" disks; the drive is on the side).

  • figuerres

    Commodore VIC-20  wish i had a picture of the addon's i had a home made tape storage interface back then and i soldered two expansion modules together by pulling the rom from one and using a pre-drilled set of holes in the other ones pcb.  now that was hacking!

  • dentaku

    Generic Forum Image

    I still have it but I don't think the sound works. We sold the C64 but I still have the Amiga 500.

  • dentaku

    and now I'm using software that emulates the sound of these old machines

    Commodore SID chip emulation is used allot in music these days.

    , Ian2 wrote

    Not sure if we have done this before but i found a nice pic:


    More here:

    I still have the 16k RAM pack but gave the ZX81 away a few years ago to a colleague who was mourning the loss of his own.

  • spivonious

    Apple II/C

    I spent a lot of time playing

    Dragon's Keep

  • W3bbo

    I've still got mine. A 1996 Dell Dimension XPS P166s - Initial specs:

    • "Intel Inside" Pentium Processor with 166Mhz clock speed (we got it just before 200Mhz and MMX were available, oh well).
    • 16MB of RAM
    • 1.52GB Western Digital HDD (which we've still got somewhere)
    • STB PowerGraph 64+ (S3 Trio64+) graphics
    • Creative "Vibra" (SB16-compatible) on-board audio
    • And a 16x Teac CD-ROM drive.
    • Bundled software included Windows 95 OSR-1, Microsoft Office 95 Professional, Microsoft Encarta 96 Encyclopedia, Encarta 96 World Atlas, and some pack-ins from Europress software.
    • Oh, it came with a CH Flightstick joystick too.

    It was upgraded through the years:

    • 1998: Upgraded to 64MB RAM and 4GB HDD
    • 1999: 20GB HDD and a 3dfx Voodoo 1
    • 2000: 3dfx Voodoo 3000

    And it wasn't until 2002 when the thing was replaced with a far more modern Dell Dimension 8200. So we got a good 6 years out of it, but even by 2001 the performance of the system was abysmal: Office 2000 took ages to load, multitasking was hard (lots of disk swapping), I remember seeing my desktop wallpaper get loaded from disk in slow-motion after I minimised a particularly heavy applications, and 1999/2000/2001 games like Dungeon Keeper 2, Populus 3, The Sims and MDK2 were all near unplayable, but the parents ignored my pleas for more processing horsepower for ages, not until my dad personally suffered the inability to meaningfully surf the web in Windows 98's IE6.

    Generic Forum Image

    But it hasn't been turned on since 2004 when I tried to install Windows NT 4 Workstation on it - for some reason it just doesn't run, but 95, 98 and ME all run fine - Windows 2000 doesn't work either. It is a mystery.

  • Minh

    I'm gonna virtual re-unbox... Smiley Isn't that cassette cute?


    Generic Forum Image


    Generic Forum Image

    Generic Forum Image


    Generic Forum Image

    Generic Forum Image

  • Lee_Dale

    Pretty sure this was my first machine


    Generic Forum Image

  • OrigamiCar

    I still have the 16k RAM pack but gave the ZX81 away a few years ago to a colleague who was mourning the loss of his own.

    Hee-hee, Ram Pack Wobble! - I remember that well and how it was solved by a strategically placed piece of Blu-tac!

    My first computer was a Sinclair ZX Spectrum, 48k model. Spent the whole summer learning ZX basic on that thing and wrote a few games, including a simple platformer that even had a level designer (but no ability to save levels). Not bad for a 48k of RAM and a novice programmer!


  • cbae

    @Minh: That was my first "personal" computer. I also had the tape drive, but it was soon replaced after the 1541 disk drive came out. However, the first "family" computer was this one: 

    Generic Forum Image It was 3 times as expensive as the C64 but was inferior spec-wise. Seems little has changed. Wink Anyway, it pretty much collected dust after my older brother left for college, while my C64 got a lot of use. This was my favorite game for C64:

    Generic Forum Image


    @Ian2: The older model of that computer was what was technically the 2nd family computer. It was branded as "Timex Sinclair". However, we owned it only for a few days. We bought it for $50, and then traded it in for a $100 rebate on the C64. Hey, $50 was a lot of money back then. Big Smile

  • vesuvius

    Home Computer




  • ryanb

    The good old PET ... a couple years before the C64.

    Generic Forum Image

  • lensman

    @ryanb:Sigh, you bring back memories.  My first commercial program was written for the Pet.  God I remember when 32 K was considered wildly excessive.

  • Richard.Hein

    trs-80  CoCo 1Ah, the memories.  Smiley  My father taught me BASIC and a bit of assembly.  Good times.

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