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    , TechShark wrote

    No pics, as that machine is long gone.. It was a C64 with a 1541 that even got me into a bit of 'hacking' as a member of "Ball Bros" group.  I remember realigning my 1541 so many times thanks to one copy protection that, if improperly 'hacked' would bang your disk drive head into the stopper until the alignment was hosed.  So, I wrote an alignment program for it.   Also, this may be interesting to those still trying to keep theirs alive, many of the chips, including the SID chip, don't need to be unsoldered to be replaced.. simply place the new chip over the old and solder overtop after verifying it works.   Most of the chips stuck to a 'held low" state for an inverse 1/0 logic, so most signals are overridden by the logic of the working chip.  Just an FYI.

    I remember that copy protection. I had to bringing my drive to some guy who did the realignment for something like $20. I think he was making a fortune from all the drives he was fixing.