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    I've still got mine. A 1996 Dell Dimension XPS P166s - Initial specs:

    • "Intel Inside" Pentium Processor with 166Mhz clock speed (we got it just before 200Mhz and MMX were available, oh well).
    • 16MB of RAM
    • 1.52GB Western Digital HDD (which we've still got somewhere)
    • STB PowerGraph 64+ (S3 Trio64+) graphics
    • Creative "Vibra" (SB16-compatible) on-board audio
    • And a 16x Teac CD-ROM drive.
    • Bundled software included Windows 95 OSR-1, Microsoft Office 95 Professional, Microsoft Encarta 96 Encyclopedia, Encarta 96 World Atlas, and some pack-ins from Europress software.
    • Oh, it came with a CH Flightstick joystick too.

    It was upgraded through the years:

    • 1998: Upgraded to 64MB RAM and 4GB HDD
    • 1999: 20GB HDD and a 3dfx Voodoo 1
    • 2000: 3dfx Voodoo 3000

    And it wasn't until 2002 when the thing was replaced with a far more modern Dell Dimension 8200. So we got a good 6 years out of it, but even by 2001 the performance of the system was abysmal: Office 2000 took ages to load, multitasking was hard (lots of disk swapping), I remember seeing my desktop wallpaper get loaded from disk in slow-motion after I minimised a particularly heavy applications, and 1999/2000/2001 games like Dungeon Keeper 2, Populus 3, The Sims and MDK2 were all near unplayable, but the parents ignored my pleas for more processing horsepower for ages, not until my dad personally suffered the inability to meaningfully surf the web in Windows 98's IE6.

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    But it hasn't been turned on since 2004 when I tried to install Windows NT 4 Workstation on it - for some reason it just doesn't run, but 95, 98 and ME all run fine - Windows 2000 doesn't work either. It is a mystery.