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    @Minh: That was my first "personal" computer. I also had the tape drive, but it was soon replaced after the 1541 disk drive came out. However, the first "family" computer was this one: 

    Generic Forum Image It was 3 times as expensive as the C64 but was inferior spec-wise. Seems little has changed. Wink Anyway, it pretty much collected dust after my older brother left for college, while my C64 got a lot of use. This was my favorite game for C64:

    Generic Forum Image


    @Ian2: The older model of that computer was what was technically the 2nd family computer. It was branded as "Timex Sinclair". However, we owned it only for a few days. We bought it for $50, and then traded it in for a $100 rebate on the C64. Hey, $50 was a lot of money back then. Big Smile