, dentaku wrote

Great video. That's how any serious developer should promote their app.

Thanks. Camtasia is super-expensive but it sure is convenient. I would've preferred to just film my hand using it on a tablet rather than record the simulator, but I guess that'll have to wait until I can actually afford to buy one. Tongue Out

I think it's a shame the Windows Store doesn't provide a way to at least link to videos. Screenshots are okay, but taking good screenshots is hard and they rarely give you a proper idea of how the apps work. Also, they want you to make apps fast and fluid, but then none of that is visible in a screenshot. Even a one minute video embedded in the store page would be much more effective than eight screenshots, I think.

, cbae wrote

@Bas: Did you create this on behalf of the retailer? Or on behalf of yourself? Smiley

I did it on behalf of me. Tongue Out I wanted to give building W8 apps a try and they had an API, so I just picked that. I get a commission on each sale made through the app, so I guess that's another way to monetize apps that doesn't involve ads or a 70% cut. We'll see how it goes.


Thanks everyone!