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View Thread: My boss is giving up on Silverlight (Thanks PDC 10)
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    , LCARSNxG wrote

    Microsoft, Help!

    We are in the midst of developing a large rich web app for our company based entirely on Silverlight. Silverlight is an excellent technology and everything is going well. At least, until the recent scare about Microsoft abandoning Silverlight in favor if HTML 5.


    Now, he is an inch away from scrapping everything we have done and starting over with another technology. He is convinced that Silverlight won't go away immediatly but that it IS going to go away. And he doesn't want to risk writing our company's flagship product in a technology that Microsoft plans on dropping support for.

    We need a clear message from Microsoft on this issue. It seems that we aren't the only ones.

    Charles (or anyone else at Microsoft) can you provide any official insight into this issue?


    Ok folks let's start with this:

    do not make key choices based on a bunch of roumers and TABLOID PRESS style news.
    the only thing i see so far is that they have came to a point where Silverlight has at least 80% of what most developers and users need it to have.

    so they got to the first "Peak" - looking for another word but can't spell it right now - too early.

    any way ....  far from "dead" just that now they may take more time between versions and the remaining "must do features" are a shorter list and some of them are now more niche or have different techincal challenges that may not be good to do with crazy short decv cycles.


    Granted I am also looking to hear what's comming.... if you notice Scott and John both are talking about the upcoming "firestarter" event that is all about silverlight. so see what that says before you go jumping off any tall buildings or other drastic actions.