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View Thread: My boss is giving up on Silverlight (Thanks PDC 10)
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    Just say, that's some stupid misleading statement. Why? Because WinPh7 is using Silverlight. Might as well say, hey, we launched WinPh7 this month and it will be dead from now on.

    The HTML5 is garbage IMO, just tested those demo using my HP notebook + IE9 Preview6, the helicopter game is ugly and slow, and the water boat is broken on IE9 on my notebook, completely scewed up (desktop is ok). They can blah all they like, but, I totally don't want to visit HTML5 pages using IE9 Preview6 at this stage. It is so broken and slow, I don't care what they said at all. I may be a bit more interested if they do a better job on IE10. IMO IE9 is not a good HTML5 gaming platform at all. Pointless HW acceleration with black screen. Sure...... it is the future.