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My line has been crossed.

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    , Bass wrote


    It's extensively documented too. Wink

    Wrong again. That doesn't make it a web standard either. How do you not understand this?

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    , BitFlipper wrote


    Wrong again. That doesn't make it a web standard either. How do you not understand this?

    Did cbae say it was a web standard? OOXML is an ISO standard, which is a standards body to rule them all.

    WebGL (being a graphics standard) is produced more effectively at Khronos (a graphics industry consortium), where it can be developed with input from people in the computer graphics industry. This much is obvious.

    As long as it is non-proprietary, it's fine by me. There is nothing legally stopping Microsoft or anyone else to implement WebGL. If they don't want to be involved that's their choice. It would also be nice for Microsoft to drop support for their proprietary "DirectX" system and join the rest of the industry in advancing open standards like OpenGL in general, but I'm not going to hold my breath on that one.

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    Ignoring the haters for a moment, there is some pretty sweet stuff here

    Golden Gate Bridge -,-122.478927,16.99,0,70,

    Downtown San Fran -,-122.4013522,17.67,0,70,

    Sydney with landmarks and bridges in the background -,151.2153095,17.9,250,70,

    I have a really shitty video card and it's incredibly smooth. Just playing around with this mapping site in general, it's really well done. I'm not sure why nobody is noticing how Nokia just one-upped Google Maps. Thank you magicalclick for pointing out this website.

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