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    Our team received a trophy at FLL State comp on Saturday!  I think they finished 14th out of 50 overall and won Core Values part. There was like a thousand people - it was crazy. The experience and popularity of the First Lego Leaugue got me thinking.  The whole time helping the kids work with NXT software, I was thinking how much easier it would be if we could use a NETMF robot and C#. IMO, the VPL gets more in the way then it helps. In some ways, it is a steeper learning curve then code.  Naturally, Legos will not allow that (they want to sell bricks).  Why not start a MS NETMF based robot challenge?  Just start small in a couple states and build it.  I would be willing to help in MI and could also work with Gus over at GHI (also in MI).  I could see it getting at least as popular as FLL after a few years.  With the Gadgeteer stuff coming out, would be at least as plug and play as NXT, but a lot more flexible and capable.  Can also ramp from FLL simple to full blown on same platform so don't run into road blocks. Anyone at MS want to toss around some ideas?