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    Wait so people are giving out because Nokia is not releasing a LTE phone in a market that has no LTE network?

    The no front-facing camera argument is valid but I've never used mine. The only camera I've used for video call is the rear one to show people things. If that was possible with Skype on WP7 then I'd be happy enough.

    In any case the differentiator of this phone isn't the specs or the price, it's the design, and I think Nokia have done a great job there.

    I don't think there's any phone that's as well designed as the 800. The iPhone is style over substance. A fragile glass back and a dodgy antenna. The 800 is supposed to have a superb antenna and the polycarbonate is very robust and it looks extermely stylish too.

    The one thing I am disappointed about is the haptic buttons. They'll get all sorts of accidental presses.

    I can't see any mention either as to whether this will be one of the phones that supports tethering.