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View Thread: New Direct2D wrapper for next version of .net?
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    ,Frank Hileman wrote

    @kettch: Thanks, but in the mydigitallife forum thread, I could not see any namespace that was definitely for immediate mode rendering. 

    Indeed, there isn't. The only graphics namespace that's available is Windows.Graphics.Imaging which is a simple wrapper for WIC. Well, there's Windows.UI.DirectUI.Shapes but I suppose you aren't looking for that.

    ,evildictait​or wrote

    Direct2D apis just call Direct3D using textures on top of XYZ_RHW (post-translation) vertexes, so if you want a fast .NET way to do this your best bet is XNA - in particular the SpriteBatch class which draws 2D textures to the screen.

    Umm, there's way more than that going on inside 2D. If you're not familiar with the subject maybe you should not make baseless affirmations such as this one.