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    I think you guys are missing the point on the flag. Windows is Microsoft's flagship product.

    After reading the Steve Jobs book about how much Job's cared about the NeXt logo and how much time/money(Millions) they spent focused on the logo I have to think Microsoft probably spent the same amount of time and effort(in today's dollars tens of millions of dollars).

    The only downside to their current design is look at these two photos, which feels right today...but tomorrow will feel out dated. It's incredible to think how long the flag has been around (since the early 90s) will this new metro logo stand the test of time.

    Only time will tell...

    Which do you think consumers intuitively know is 'Windows'?

    Interesting to think the Windows Phone logo will have to change now too for future versions.

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     Here's there current logo? What will the windows phone 8 logo look like?


    I really think the new design costs BILLIONS of dollars in brand recognition....but with all of the efforts to change brand perceptions maybe this could be worth Billions...we just don't know...but it's new and it sure is different.

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    For all of you color fans

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