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    , Bass wrote

    I'd remind you that a Linux distro called Android is currently dominating in the sector of the computer market that is actually growing. I guess the "freetards" at Google don't know what they are doing either.

    Indeed. the iThingies are far more profitable for Apple than Android is for Google (no wonder, Android is primarily just an vehicle for them to serve ads). A third party, Samsung (and pretty much only Samsung) gets the big bucks from the system. If Google could change positions with Apple, they would.

    I also said 90s distro. And Android is not really a "Linux distro" in the classical sense (it's also completely GNU-free and uses the apache license). That changes the usual dynamic and makes the bearded one hates it.

    If I am refering to "freetards" I mean almost exclusively the GNU/FSF kind.

    , Bass wrote

    And Apple is a strong supporter of open standards and earlier adopter of HTML5

    Don't be kidding. One reason Apple dishonors Flash is that they fully well know that HTML 5 itself cannot compete with their offerings. One more leverage to go IOS-native. Smart move.

    Here are more open standards: