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    Just please, please,please, please, please, please, please, please, PLEASE have at least one W8 phone for Sprint when they're released. Heck, doesn't even need to be top of the range as long as there is at least one available.

    I shattered the screen on my office WP 7.5 HTC Arrive a few months ago and have been holding off getting a new phone to wait for WP8 (the broken phone does still work - just barely).
    I've seen plenty of rumors of WP8 on the other providors, but seen natch for Sprint so far and they're not exaclty great at supporting existing WP7, they discontinued the Arrive recently and that's the only WP7 phone they ever had.

    Sigh.... HATE Sprint, but unfortunately I can't switch because it's a work plan. The rest of the office have iPhones which I really don't want over WP8....