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New Star Wars

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    *IF* they had the Han, Luke and Leia characters play as them at a much older age and or show up "from the spirit world"  to guide some younger jedi that would be ok I think...

    like say the grand children or great grand children of Luke / Leia / Han  start on a new quest / adventure and get some help -- kind of how Obi Wan did with luke.

    that would keep the story growing and not lock it into a time to close to the others ....and let them bring in new actors and new stories.

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    , rjdohnert wrote

    Well guys, they are coming out with a new Star Wars movie.  Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford all coming back.  So what do you guys think, mistake or does it sound like it will be decent?

    It'll be great! Episode VII will be told partly in flashback format aka God Father II... Han Solo will die of old age in the middle of an orange orchard while playing with Luke's son.

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    @Michael Butler: Agreed. Those two have a real respect for the material and a sense of consistency.

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