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    So I saw a deal that I thought was too good to resist.  Since BREXIT tech prices have increased for us over the pond so when I saw a Surface Book on EBAY with i7, 16gb RAM and 512GB SSD all for £1299  (no, not the performance keyboard, the 1GB NVIDIA) I could not resist.  The catch? Well it has an AZERTY keyboard and of course it isn't brand new (though I am happy to report that you would never know).  The seller shipped immediately and it arrived this morning so I have spent most of the day playing :)

    I posted about the AZERTY keyboard here in case anyone is interested (it's not really AZERTY any more)

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    I did not know about that key replacement site. I have thai keyboard but are from Denmark so I have same problem as you. The keys on the keyboard does not match my language settings. You get used to it after a while, but .... 

    Thanks for the tip and congrats with you new toy :)

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    @TheTraveler:Thanks, ideally I would also replace some of the non alpha-numeric keys but at $24.99 a pop I think I can live with it :)

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