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    I really hope there is a delay in the release of Xbox 720 or whatever they call it. I really would like to pick up a 360 as a media hub (I don't play games) but know its days are numbered. Media Center is dead -- now just a woeful DVR on my media stack. My Roku and Plex serve up my content which does a pretty good job but in the end I'd like a simple, tightly integrated solution.

    With the wall of Sinofsky gone I'd hope they'd spend the time to really bring the platforms together. Smartglass is a great start but I'd like to see more. You also have things like XNA up in the air. It would be nice if they got XNA back on its feet or launched its replacement (across W8,W8RT, WPH8, and XBOX) before they released the 720. Kinect, XNA-Next, Smartglass, and maybe a new idea or two all running across all of their platforms might just bring me back. Until then I eagerly await my Galaxy Note II...