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View Thread: New XBOX next year?
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    , dahat wrote

    I have no inside information on the subject... but I have said it before, and again, and will now say it for a third time:

    Announcing the Xbox 3 at E3 2012 makes sense: often products announced at E3 don't hit the retail shelves for another year, if not longer. Remember how Half-Life 2 rocked everyone in May/June 2003 but it took until October 2004 for the game to actually come out. The Wii U is set for a 2012 release date too (no-doubt staggered, but hopefully not as much as the 21-month delay between the SNES being launched in Japan and Australia getting their hands on it).

    I find it amusing that Nintendo did motion control for the Wii as their "bet the farm" strategy, then everyone else doing it, and now they're going back to their controller roots.