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    , BitFlipper wrote


    There's still hope though... Once it becomes clear that very few people really want or care for the Metro UI on a desktop computer, MS can release a patch that restores previous desktop functionality. That includes restoring the Start menu as well as unfuglyfying the desktop UI again. Technically this shouldn't be too difficult and should not break any compatibility. The Metro UI can still be an option, just not shoved down our throats.

    I think you're completely correct about the necessity of restoring previous desktop functionality, in a short term patch. Ten years down the line, who knows if content creation-- other than photography-- will take off on touch. But, in the mean time, content creators need a professional environment running on professional devices.

    How do you monetize that trend? I have no idea. There will be fewer desktops in the future, more mobile devices, and perhaps less money. Right now there are probably a lot of people that have purchased Windows and Office who will only utilize a tiny fraction of the utility. As Office gets more expansive, the install base will use even less of it. How long will the majority of casual users keep doling out hundreds of dollars, this? Conversely, how much can you possibly charge the power-users who need it all?

    Look what happened to Apple's Pro line-up of software. Do you think they lowered the price and dummied down the interfaces for the benefit of the professional users? I would think it would be difficult to maintain-- or god forbid grow-- a huge software empire with niche products.