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    In 1986 or so I'm at work in the office with a bunch of engineers and a scientist or two, half of them from China. My company is designing and building an underwater remotely operated vehicle for the Chinese government. But there is a problem. The B.C.I.T technician is not in the office and an important Lotus 123 spreadsheet has had some new numbers entered, but nobody knows how to get the spreadsheet to update. We don't even know what the correct term is so we can look it up in the manual. About an hour passes, and a few phone calls later we discover that we have to hit the F11 key ( if my memory is right).


    A few years later, when computers still sucked, I sometimes wished they had never been invented. I'll spare you the story's, but it mostly involved CAD.


    (International Submarine Engineering Ltd. By the way).