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View Thread: New anti-Win8 video is making rounds
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    Smart move.. not.

    Remember what Ballmer almost did when he had Google-envy? He was willing to buy Yahoo for.. what was it? Almost 44 billion?! As far as I can remember, he was even willing to stock it up to 50bn. The MS employees should be praying to this day that Yahoo denied the first bid, otherwise the company (MS) would have had a record loss. No way that Yahoo (a web-corpse even back then) would in any way recoup such investment. That madness came from Ballmer's mad envy at Google. Now he has replaced it with Apple-envy. The resulting move to shove metro down the throats of everyone is equally foolish. Maybe more so, since this time the madness wasn't stopped. One could say this time Ballmer bought Yahoo for 44 billion indeed.

    Envy is a frigging dangerous thing at MS!