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View Thread: New anti-Win8 video is making rounds
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    , Sven Groot wrote

    So to Wastingtimewithforums and the others I say this: we get it. You don't like it, and we understand why you don't like it. You don't need to repeat that again and again, because you're not going to change our minds any more than we are going to change yours.

    The problem is that if we stop complaining about the horrible direction Windows is taking, MS might think we started liking it.

    Unfortunately it seems the only way this will be resolved is to let Windows 8 fail in the marketplace (and by the looks of it, it is well on its path to failure). MS and some of their supporters are so hard headed or simply in denial that this is the only way. Unfortunately for MS, the alternatives to Windows are much more viable this time around compared to the Vista timeframe. A Windows 7-like recovery from a bad release this time will be much harder to pull off.

    Oh well, I hope they make it because I don't like the alternatives at all. While I'm far from switching, I'm much closer to considering alternatives than I've ever was. I can imagine previous fence-sitters having no problem going to alternatives.

    And for what? Simply to open our eyes about how unbelievably wonderful Metro is on the desktop?

    Question: Does anyone think if MS simply kept refining the Windows 7 desktop in Windows 8, and added Metro as a first-class option but not forced on us, that Windows would have sold better or worse?

    My answer to that question is that Windows would have sold better. We would not have been having these angry discussions and people won't be hating on Windows as much as they do today. There is no planet where the direction MS is taking Windows will have a better outcome than it would have if they took a less forceful approach.

    True story: A friend recently came over to work on some music projects. He is quite technical but computers isn't his main interest and he doesn't follow OS developments. He is however pro-MS as he doesn't like Apple at all (too complicated to explain here). This was the 1st time he saw Windows 8 up close and he hated the "large icons" and felt it looked dumbed down. He basically could not believe this was the direction Windows was taking. And I didn't egg him on, so his unprovoked reaction was quite telling to me. And people wonder why Windows isn't selling well.