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    If you don't like Win8, vote with your wallet and don't use it.

    Yeah, screw discussion about a product in discussion forums.  Cheerleading only please!

    BTW, you don't need to type 1000 words on the tired, crusty hand-wave-away opinion of "People Don't Like Change", which is the go-to argument for Win8 defenders it appears (Ed Bott is apparently making his living on it currently).  Well, I guess you do when you have to invoke revisionist history like you did, really these "arguments" you're presenting for opposition of previous MS OS's are largely nonsense, as wastingtimewithforums ably revealed. Classifying the response to your repetitive diatribe as a 'rant' (then proudly stating you're ignoring it) is just thick with irony.

    You can like Win8 just fine, but to argue this is just "more of the same" as in past years is just sticking your head in the sand.  The opposition to it is far more vocal, the stakes are much higher, and the mind-boggling inattention to detail should be obvious to anyone with any sense of proper design principles.

    iOS is significantly different from Windows.  So is Windows Phone.  OSX is quite different as well.  Yet I enjoy my iPad, my Win7 desktop PC, my mbook Air and my Nokia WP7 very much.  So this is not just people unwilling to accept change, it's people unwilling to accept change that makes little sense, except in the cynical case where it's MS trying to desperately crack into a market and wants to cram interface elements far more applicable to touchscreens onto platforms where they don't really apply. 

    Despite all the difference in those platforms listed however, they all have one aspect in common - their interfaces are extremely well suited to the platform they primarily run on.