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View Thread: New anti-Win8 video is making rounds
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    Of course there's some hyberbole, but there's a lot of solid points in the video.  The complete lack of conveyance, consistency, context and lack of discoverability are explained with a good amount of reasoning and examples.

    Nothing entirely new from other detailed critiques, and should be expected when Windows8 is about MS trying to crack into the tablet market by grafting an interface suited for a completely different form factor onto traditional PC's.  It's trying to solve a Microsoft problem, not an end-user problem.

    But hey, just "get used to it".  Perplexed

    Windows "blue" is going to have to have significant UI changes before businesses remotely want to touch this turd.  I'm still in shock how little it changed from the developer preview UI wise, and how MS actually thought this was going to be get any traction in the market.

    Ballmer's "solution" to the Apple problem is to say "We're about design now!" - uh, you actually have to deliver and have the talent in-house before you an state your company actually has a toehold on the concept. Frankly it's exactly what I feared when I first saw Win8: Microsoft is going to take the dumb-* approach to UI clutter and completely screw up its interpretation of "minimalism" to mean "less stuff on screen".