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    , BitFlipper wrote

    Many companies reversed bad decisions by starting with "Due to popular demand, we decided to bring back..."
    (comment from Dec 19, 2012)

    Paul, I worked at MS between 2009-2011 and witnessed some of the most horiffic arrogance I've ever seen. I used to be a huge MS fan--until I started getting burned by their products (all but abandoned Media Center Extenders, abandoned all support for MS Networking products--causing me to spend a good amount of money to replace them since they didn't work in Windows 7, the mess that was Windows Mobile 5 and its (lack of) stability, and FIVE fried Xbox 360's).

    Up to, and shortly after the Windows Phone 7 roll-out, I got harrassed, ridiculed, and threatened for owning an iPhone. But NO ONE would ask me why I owned one. Passionate employees, and a (former) friend who's currently a Senior Dev in WinPhone, berated me publicly (on the internal "Officetalk" site)--for not supporting the company. When Win7SP1 hit RTM--it broke iTunes in certain configs. I brought it up, and wrote a bug--and was told to "Shut up--it's not our problem. Close your bug, at once" (literally).

    It was at that point I decided that MS was not the place for me. I've since left the high tech field and now work in IT for the government--and I love every minute of it.

    BTW...that former friend in WinPhone--he has a PC and a Windows Phone. His wife has a Mac and iPhone. They *almost* got a divorce when he thought he'd be cool and install Windows 7 via Boot Camp on her Mac. That's how sour the "Kool Aid" is in Redmond...


    I don't know if it's legit (it's just a comment aftert all), but if this the truth.. man, that explains Windows 8 and their ego-mania on not fixing its issues! I think it's literally just about EGO
    first and foremost here. Once Metro was decided, they want to brute force it
    down no matter the cost, because admitting a failure will break their pride.

    After seeing Sinofsky in action on his W8 blog, - and how arrogant MS is still about W8, despite it's doing apparently even worse than Vista, I can easily believe this comment. Something is seriously wrong at Redmond since a few years. I think it's the craze-inducing Apple envy. Here's a great post on another forum about that: