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View Thread: New anti-Win8 video is making rounds
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    That is such a tired argument in Win8's defence, the "People don't like learning new things!" argument.  It misses the point of the criticism entirely.

    I can use Win8.  I know all the shortcuts and how to activate everything fine.  The critique in the video, and by many others, is that the design choices just don't make sense.  The very fact you had to use Google to learn how to shutdown your PC is emblematic of this.  The video is obviously using hyperbole but drives home the point about how schizophrenic the design is and how little of it appears...well, designed.  Boasting that you can learn it in a shorter time than the video takes to explain its position and the reason for the critique is meaningless.

    People will gladly learn a new interface if its conventions appear well thought-out and add significantly to productivity.  Win8's interface does not appear to satisfy either need - to some degree as a tablet interface it does, but then you're left with the hundreds of millions of PC's where a touchscreen makes little sense, and where Win8's interface changes are a regression in many areas.