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View Thread: New anti-Win8 video is making rounds
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    , NitzWalsh wrote

    Yeah, screw discussion about a product in discussion forums.  Cheerleading only please!

    I think you have misunderstood what C9 is for.

    C9 is not about "cheerleading" or "denigrating" Microsoft products. Hell, it's barely about products full stop. It's about technology.

    To me, C9 is at its best when the discussions are about kernel changes (like Singuarity), language features like async, how stuff works (like Landy Wang's memory manager, C++ of N, etc).

    C9 is best when it's populated by techies from MS at ground level. Complaining about top-level Microsoft decisions (like Metro/start menu etc) or aggressively being negative about Microsoft pushes those interesting people away.

    Nobody senior from Microsoft frequents these forums. Complaining about the start menu yet-a-freaking-gain makes those ground-roots awesome technies feel alienated and unwanted at C9 (so they go to Microsoft's intranet or other places instead) and the people who you are in a position to change the things you are complaining about don't visit C9.

    That's why I say I'm bored of anti-Win8 threads. It's because they're boring, not going to be resolved here and damage C9's community.