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    I agree that the customer preview could not be considered a beta test... not like they were in the past. We used to be able to offer feedback and you could always work with someone at MS one-on-one to offer your contribution. Remember getting free copies of the software as a "thank you" for your contribution in the beta program? What happened to those days? Gone!

    Even if MS is taking the Apple approach (which involves them deciding what's best for everyone), there's one thing I can't quite wrap my head around: Why did Microsoft think that Metro would be successful on the desktop??

    Metro has been a design they've pushed in the market since 2007 with the Zune. Here we are 5 years later. How has Metro done at selling itself? Zune is dead. Windows Phone has been out for years and it's not catching on. If Metro is so good, why have so many of its products failed for five years? To make matters worse, Metro was designed for the mobile space and was a stretch for the tablet form factor. So, who in the world thought that such an interface would magically start to "work" when on full size PCs? (Not to mention servers! Why is Metro necessary on a server operating system?)