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View Thread: New anti-Win8 video is making rounds
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    You know, the Start Menu isn't something I use much at all. I usually just click on the start orb and type the words I'm looking for.
    I love the search in Win8's start menu but I'd like to see that search show up in something that's NOT fullscreen that looks more like a traditional start menu so us non-touchscreen users can take advantage of it when we're in desktop mode.

    It's mostly all the needless mousing around and messing with "gestures" that are far more suited for touchscreens when I'm using a mouse, keyboard and two non-touch monitors. It is needlessly clumsy and even worse with standard a mouse touchpad.

    ALSO. When Vista made the shutdown button actually NOT shutdown the computer (if I remember correctly) it annoyed allot of people including me. It was great when Win7 made the Shutdown button actually do just that plus it was very easy to find again. I doubt the average user could find the Win8 shutdown button without allot of swishing around with pop-out menus that aren't suited for mice in any way.
    When you're using a desktop PC or a laptop "shut down" should shut off your computer COMPLELTEY DEAD, not hibernate or sleep and it should be easy to find because the power button on many desktops isn't in the most user friendly place. Mine's behind a door on my giant case under my desk. You also don't want a laptop accidentally not being shut down or coming out of sleep when it's in a bag.

    When I buy a Surface Pro I will be happy to use all this new stuff, but don't force it on me on my desktop PC with a mouse, keyboard and 2 monitors. clumsy cumsy clumsy.