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View Thread: New anti-Win8 video is making rounds
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    I installed Win8 on a new HDD a while ago. It took an update the third time I booted into it at it never booted again. I'm so annoyed by the interface (because I DON'T HAVE A TOUCHSCREEN) that I just disconnected that drive and I'm not terribly interested in using it again until I can make it work like a desktop OS should (and it stops messing with my Win7 drive, replacing invalid security IDs etc... when there's noting wrong with the disk and CHKDSK doesn't need to be run on it).

    All they had to do was ask the user "are you using a touchscreen" and if you say no, make the interface work similarly to Win7.

    ALSO: Not being able to use Cleartype in IE10 when I'm NOT using it in portrait mode because I'm using a desktop computer, not a tablet, makes my eyes water.
    Just give us desktop users a way to turn it on if we want it!

    I'm far more impressed with Windows Phone 8 than Win8. Of course WP8 only runs on touchscreen devices so it's suited for the hardware it's installed on. If anything Win8/RT are hurting the good name of WP8.