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    , exoteric wrote

    That said, when you make products that are used by a large part of the world populus, you have to be prepared for feedback, even crazy feedback - but of course moderation helps.

    I'm not suggesting that people shouldn't be critical of Windows8. I'm not even saying that people shouldn't be critical of Windows8 on C9. Constructive feedback and discussion is interesting and that's what C9 is for.

    What I'm objecting to is the unrelenting thread-after-thread borefest of certain people hijacking (or starting) threads dedicated to how Microsoft are teh suck because of a single decision out of millions at Redmond such as the lack of a start menu in Win8.

    We've had that discussion. That's great. Let's move on. We've established beyond all reasonable doubt that threads about Win8 being teh suck for no start menu doesn't magic a start menu into your Windows8 desktop. If there is a way to force Microsoft's hand into putting a start menu back into Windows, it's not via threads on C9, so either go elsewhere on the Internet in search of that magic backdoor into Microsoft, or get over it and write threads about something that isn't hostile to the ever increasingly few Microsoft people on C9.

    Rehashing the same tired arguments of "Win8 sucks because of X" eventually ventures well beyond constructive criticism and feedback and into a hostile anti-Microsoft position.

    Let's put it this way. The people who make C9 most interesting are the developers at Microsoft who make the magic happen - everyone else are dealing in rumours, only these guys know what's really on the horizon. Instead of telling them that the product they worked on for the last few years is rubbish because of policies they have no control over, or narrow (and frankly uninteresting to many of us) teams like UX or whatever makes them go away.

    If I did really care about UI, I wouldn't want to know why you think why the Win8 UI sucks - I'd want to know what the thought processes were at Microsoft that led them to make various decisions, because when you understand the restrictions they had, you might understand that it's not their UI that sucks, but rather you just don't understand the reasons why they did it. For example - some people object to the "big buttons" in Windows8, but utterly fail to realize that without big buttons, you can't have good touch sensitivity.

    I know I'm a technology snob, and I like my kernel and language videos but that's why I'm here at C9. If I wanted to discuss Win8's UI, I'd go to a UI forum and discuss it there. If I wanted to hate at Microsoft, there are literally thousands of fora to do it on. If I wanted to provide feedback to Microsoft, I'd go to or do something with MSDN to provide feedback through that, and if I wanted a start menu desperately in my Windows8 build, I'd google for and install the Stardock start menu and be content knowing that I have my start menu back.

    But I don't. I come to C9 because it's the only place on the Internet where you can not only learn about the Windows heap, the process scheduler, the async keyword and the reasons why the Office 2007 ribbon ended up looking the way it did - but you can actually talk with the people who made them. That's an insider relationship that exists nowhere else on the Internets.

    That is why I get pissed off at people trolling here. This is the only place on the Internet where we get to talk to these wizards of programming. Don't waste the opportunity and scare the wizards back into their Redmond tower by repeating tired arguments about why you think Win8 sucks.

    If Win8 sucks, phone the Microsoft call-centre, write a letter to Ballmer or go and write about your feelings on slashdot. But there are loads of Microsofties who used to be on C9 that aren't now to the detriment of C9 - and that's entirely the fault of trolls and idiots who think that this is a way to get official responses from Microsoft or to bully this multi-billion dollar company with hundreds of millions of users into accepting your view of the world, rather than as a rare and fragile oasis where you can come and speak with the wizards that make it all happen and know what the future holds in a sea of crap, FUD and rumour on the Internet.